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  about us...
IDFS Tradings Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as the leading travel retail operator in South Asia . Since its establishment, IDFS has diversified into numerous travel retail oriented businesses.
  We seek to ensure an in-flight shopping experience, rather than a mere display of products. Hence we cater to every stage of product movement, from selecting the right products to ensuring state-of-the-art technology at all stages, for enhanced customer satisfaction. Our major strength has been the matching of merchandise selection with passenger expectations and needs, with assured quality, variety and competitive pricing
  Our horizons are not limited to Indian skies and the expansion of our partners to various international destinations has enabled us to establish a global operational footprint. Supported by a reliable, motivated and innovative team, IDFS is committed to establishing a long term relationship with your company.
  our business areas...
  In-flight Duty Free
  In-flight Food Retail
  Airline Amenities
  Warehousing - Storage & Handling
  Undertake Marketing and Promotional activities
  Create conducive environment for depletion of stocks
  Ensuring timely payment realization
  Ensure brand reorganization and brand promotion
  A key aspect of our business is the ability to offer customer-specific solutions which provide a host of services depending upon client requirements. These
  Administration Support
  Office Space
  Customized warehouse and inventory
  Management reports
  IDFS will deploy its own professionals to manage clearing, storage and forwarding in accordance with client needs. Our model provides you with a no-hassle service without any licensing, administrative, clearing and forwarding problems.
  With a strong local understanding, IDFS is best suited to adapt and market your brands in the South Asian markets.
  our people...
  Our greatest strength is the team of individuals who work tirelessly for our success and growth. IDFS has an innovative team of professionals who are committed and motivated to providing you with the best service possible, working towards a common vision of customer satisfaction.
  IDFS encourages employee participation in all aspects of our business. It is through their collective effort that we can assure you the highest standards of customer relationship management.
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